About Us

At Palacio Property Group we’ve built a team and reputation around a new way of thinking about property development. We deliver thoughtfully designed homes and places in well-connected locations.

It’s such a straightforward idea it’s almost revolutionary. We start with direct questions. What do people need in a home? What do they want? How can we create thriving, integrated communities? How can we make it more affordable?

Then we develop the answers to those questions – Well designed homes with exceptional quality in outstanding locations.For both our residents and our investors, that's the right way to develop homes.

Our purpose keeps us focused. Our customers drive us to always do better. These values ground and direct us, and always have, since 2005.


We think and act like owners. We create value for our investors, partners, clients, and communities through new development.

We are committed, accountable, and proud of what we do and how we do it.

Investing in ourselves

We are investors in the traditional sense, investing our own capital in every project. With a thoughtful, deliberate, and strategic mindset, we boldly invest in the future of our communities.


We strive to achieve the best value in every property, maximising the build to deliver the best liveable floor plan while finishing with quality finishes.

Design & Planning

We approach planning by speaking openly with local authorities and stakeholders, and developing mutually beneficial relationships based on trust.

We work with local award winning design partners to push boundaries and create amazing homes for people to live in, while maintaining affordability. Behind our partnerships with architects and designers, our choice of materials and our understanding of constraints and possibilities is fuelled by one very simple idea - that good design makes life easier and more enjoyable for people.